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Ikarian Centre IkariaSince 1995, the Ikarian Centre has been offering a full range of intensive, introductory and specialist Greek language courses for non-native speakers of all levels. The centre also offers art courses and summer cultural programs in English on the island of Ikaria which are integrated with the local Ikarian community.

Based in the picturesque village of Arethousa. Students and guests can also partake in daily cultural activities, such as lectures, films and dancing lessons at no additional cost

The centre offers to students and guests affordable accommodation in its onsite guesthouse, which is ideal for long and short term stays. Our guesthouse has been created 1,5 Km from the mountain village of Arethousa, in an isolated rural area, at an elevation of 300 m, and hosts some of the Centre’s language students. It is approximately 8 km from Evdilos (the harbor town of northern Ikaria), and about 3 km (45 minutes on foot) from the sea. The view is fantastic and your contact with nature is immediate and real.

Courses & Programs:

Greek for Kids And Teenagers   Learn More at »»

Ikarian Centre Ikaria Fun, friendship and learning! Summer Greek language camps for kids of all ages. Learning through lessons, workshops & immersion. Child students are integrated with local Ikaria kids who are learning English at the Centre. Parents can join adult courses during the same time periods for a unique and fun family holiday experience on Ikaria!

For 7-10 & 11-14 years olds: July 13-23

For 14-17 years olds: July 25-August 4

January 2017 courses (2-12 & 13-23 Jan )

Free English Workshops for Ikarian Kids   Learn More at »»

Ikarian Centre Ikaria Two 10-day English language and art workshops have been scheduled for Ikarian children in 2016, in April and July. These courses are free for Ikarian children as a contribution of the Ikarian Centre to the local society. During the July course Greek and Ikarian children will work and play together with young foreign learners of Greek of similar ages. The non-native students of Greek will attend a Greek summer class given by the centre at the same time.

As most of the young Greek students tend to be Anglophones, this multiplies the opportunities for our Greek pupils to practise English and enforce their motivation to keep learning, in the most natural and enjoyable way: by making new friends from abroad! At the same time, the summer course will help us to integrate the children attending our summer Greek language course with the local society. There are clear benefits on both sides, for the local children, families & community as well as for our young learners.

Greek for Adults - Various Programs on Island Ikaria  View All Courses at »»

Ikarian Centre Ikaria Greek language courses in Arethousa, Ikaria.  Learn More »»

15 lessons in 17 days, 67,5 teaching hours +26h of activities (equivalent to a 3-week course). 10-day course (40,5 teaching hours +16h of activities, equivalent to a 2-week course). For students with limited time available. Class size: 2-8 students, at a similar level Location: Ikarian Centre, Arethousa, Ikaria. Students live at the Centre’s guesthouse in a family atmosphere.
More Info »»

Learn More Greek For Archaeologists & Classicists, May 2016  Learn More »»

60 academic hours of intensive Modern Greek courses geared towards classicists and archaeologists with good skills in ancient Greek Course dates / duration: 14-30/May 15 lessons, 60 hourse of instruction +26h of activities in 17 days Class sizes: 2-8 students, for maximum speaking time. Levels: Courses are offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels (absolute beginners – C1) Location: Ikarian Centre

Learn More Summer Greek Language Course By The Sea  Learn More »»

This summer the Greek language courses leave the mountains of Ikaria, and after 15 years go back to the sea!
July and August courses will take place at Hotel Kerame, on the beach of Kerame, 10' min away the coastal village and main port Evdilos

16/July-1/Aug or 16-25/July/2016
6-22/Aug or 6-15/Aug/2016

The rest of the year the Greek language courses take place in Ikarian Centre’s headquarters in Arethousa, just 8Km away

Learn More Learn Greek Through Photography - June 2015  Learn More »»

Refresh your Greek while attending a photography workshop on Ikaria. The instructor is Nectarios, a young native Greek speaker and photographer. This workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced users of the Greek language (levels B1 – C2). Participants must be able or willing to make an effort to understand a native Greek speaker. Previous knowledge and experience in photography is not required.

When? Saturday 4 – Sunday 12 June 2016 (9 days)
Where? Ikarian Centre, Arethousa, Ikaria.
How many participants? 5-14 people
Language: only Greek!

Learn More Greek language course & olive harvest on Ikaria  Learn More »»

For any adult who wishes to improve his or her skills in the Greek language, including beginners. Friends of yours may also come with you and participate in the experience of the olive harvest and the rest of the activities, without participating in the Greek classes.
After the language lessons we will work together for about 2 hours in the olive harvest, in the nearby fields. We will visit local factories and watch how olive oil is made from the olives. We will also learn to sing some Greek songs, watch Greek cinema, make excursions around Ikaria, and talk a lot in Greek, both inside and outside the classroom.

Sat.5-Mon.21/Nov/2016 or Sat.5-Mon.14/Nov./2016
Duration:9 lessons in 10 days (40,5 teaching hours +16h of activities) or 15 lessons in 17 days (67,5 teaching hours +26h of activities).
Class size: 2-8 students, at a similar level. Location: Ikarian Centre, Arethousa, Ikaria.

Summer Art Classes - Various Programs on Island Ikaria  View All Courses at »»

Learn More Fresco Workshop on Ikaria  Learn More »»

Learn the ancient technique of fresco painting in the unique environment of Ikaria and be inspired by the beauty of this island, from its forests to its sandy beaches. Fresco is a very ancient technique, and is typical of the Mediterranean area, it being used in Greece since the time of its first civilisations. The course will teach not only about fresco in itself, but also about ancient Greek and byzantine styles of painting, and about the chemical reasons that make this painting so durable and bright in colour. However, student will develop frescos in his/her own style, with free choice of inspiration and subject. Not all paintings will remain on the island, as one small fresco will be realised on a mobile board to be carried home by each artist.

Location: Ikarian Centre, Arethousa, Ikaria
Language: English

Learn More Painting course by Tom Campbell  Learn More »»

The painting course is based at the Ikarian Centre and is fun and informal. The student group is driven to visit different areas of the island to paint the various kinds of scenes we find there; quiet pine forests, beaches , towns, harbours etc. According to the needs of the participants in the group we sometimes have days painting the views around the centre or if wind or rain get in our way painting in the studio .Tom is on hand to help people get set up and help with what might be good subject matter to paint and then help during the painting session with painterly problems that might arise. Further critiques can also happen back at the studio if needed. The outings are also used to visit sites of interest , ancient sites and monasteries or do some shopping and eating out in restaurants and taverna.

Location: Ikarian Centre, Arethousa, Ikaria.
Instructor: Tom Campbell (
Language: English

Learn More Art Residency on Ikaria  Learn More »»

If you are a writer, translator, painter and you are looking for peace and quiet so as to concentrate on your own project, you are very welcome in our guesthouse.

Our guesthouse has been created 1,5 Km from the mountain village of Arethousa, in an isolated rural area, at an elevation of 300 m, and hosts some of the Centre’s language students. It is approximately 8 km from Evdilos (the harbor town of northern Ikaria), and about 3 km (45 minutes on foot) from the sea. The view is fantastic and your contact with nature is immediate and real.

Accommodation is provided in small studios 20m2. The studios are built in a complex of 4 independent buildings. Each studio has a private entrance, private bathroom and kitchenette. Free wi-fi is accessible from any spot of the property and the studios. We can also provide to you a studio or a study / meeting room to work alone or with your partners, with no extra charge. Big groups are also welcome. If you are willing to host a small meeting / art project in Ikaria, perhaps our guesthouse is the ideal place.

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