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WRITE & STAY in Ikaria and finish that book you have been dreaming of. Book coach Joey Brown will guide and inspire you. She offers you feedback and individual coaching on a daily basis. She will also organize your accommodation, meals, walks and visits to the most beautiful places in Ikaria, and she'll take care of your writer's needs: massages for painful sitting bones, thermal baths for cramps in your back or hands, healthy foods for more energy, yoga and meditation to strengthen your focus it can all be part of your 'package'.

Joey Brown is a book coach and ghostwriter, editor, entrepreneur, meditation facilitator, teacher of laughter yoga and inhabitant of Ikaria since 2014. Through surprising and challenging exercises, using different techniques, she helps you to discover your core message and to get it down on that paper. You have an idea for a book but you have no idea where and how to start? Ask Joey. You have already written 50 pages and you got stuck? Also that is a problem that can easily be solved. You feel cold sweat only by the idea of writing? Don't worry, this is a common writer's fear. In short: stop worrying about that book, and start concentrating on that writer's dream: together with Joey you'll put your dreams into action.

In Ikaria she's known as 'the travelling book coach', most of times she'll take you to a magnificent place for a long walk and guiding talk. She coaches wherever she finds silence: near a monastery, close to the beach, in the forest or high on top of the mountains. She'll find you the places that suit you best. She'll invite you to write from your heart, your inner wisdom, and to dive into your writing as deep as you can. She'll guide you to the core of what really matters to you. What she will stir in you, is your process of awakening through writing

There are two options to choose from:
1. WRITING RETREATS (7 days in group, private coaching sessions included)

Writing & Wellness in Therma »»

7 days of writing, wellness and daily personal coaching. The emphasis of this retreat goes to silence, long and steady writing, intimacy (with oneself, through writing) and recharging your batteries in the powerful medicinal springs of Therma. Here's your perfect way to realize your book! Accommodation at Agriolykos, a small paradise on earth.

Writing with the gods in Nas »»

7 days of writing, resting, enjoying healthy foods and divine wine in Nas, the village where in ancient times the goddess Artemis had her temple. Nas is the only artistic village in Ikaria that has a long history of hippies, camping out in the wild and nudism on the beach. Here you literally feel the freedom to be totally yourself, and to give expression to what and who you are; as a person, as a writer, as an artist. With daily personal coaching. Here's another perfect way to realize your book!

2. WRITER'S RESIDENCE (individual stay, private coaching sessions included)

Writer's Residence »»

7, 10 or 14 days individual stay. Daily personal coaching. Choose any date between April 15 and July 15, and again between September 1st and October 15. Choose the combination that suits you best: 7 Days Full Intensive, 10 Days Semi Relaxing or 14 Days Full Lazy Relaxing. And yes, it's all about growing, expanding, learning and stepping into awareness through writing!


All year round

A silent hour together with you that will give you more energy, focus and insight. Meditation has benefits for all kinds of expression that need concentration: writing, painting, dancing Meditation helps you to relax your mind and your body, and to open up your flow of creativity.

Dates and timings of the sessions can be adjusted to your holiday program. I take individuals and small groups (3-8 people).

Past Guest Reflections:

"Joey meant to me much more than a writing coach. She was the shoulder I could lean on. Without her perseverance and guidance my book would never have been published in time." (Gina de Groote, published the book 'My Change' in 2015)

"Joey took me around large parts of the island. I loved these excursions, especially after some hours of writing. Joey never planned things though, it just some sort of 'happened'. I learned that this was the best way to enjoy my days in Ikaria: to go with the flow, to live the minutes, the hours, the days as if there was no such thing as time." (Tineke Lambregths)

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