Afianes Winery - Profit Ilias, Ikaria

Since 1997 the Afianes Family Winery located at Profit Ilias, Ikaria has been producing quality Ikarian wines under both modern and traditional processes. The winery's internationally recognized and prize winning wines are responsible for placing Ikaria on the wine making map of Greece and Europe and continue a thousands of years long tradition of Ikarian winemaking.

The modern winery, located at an altitude of 610m and overlooking the Aegean Sea, features terraced land planted with Ikarian varietal grapes, an outdoor ancient type stone amphitheatre where music, dance and drama performances are held, a building which houses the wine production, storage "cave", fermenting and bottling equipment, the winery offices, the winery's tasting area for guests and a Folklore Gallery.

The Folklore Gallery is dedicated to informing visitors about and to preserving the historic culture of Ikaria. The display room has a collection of traditional Ikarian wine making implements, utensils, tools, textiles, clothing and everyday items from Ikaria's past. A large part of the gallery is dedicated to wine and wine making, as wine has always been associated with many aspects of Ikarian family, social, religious and economic life.

An example of some of the unique and interesting items in the Gallery are:

  • The "kerastari", a three-nozzle terracotta jug for pouring wine at the dinner table, dating from the 17 th century.
  • The "foresia", a bridal dress of the 19 th century, characteristic sample of the thrifty way of life of the Ikarians during that period.
  • The "melokoumpi", a clay honey jar with a water channel around the rim to protect the honey from ants.
  • The "pitharia" or "vitynes", hand-made wine jars which were buried upright in the ground and covered with flat stones placed on their tops.
  • Varous Household, Bee Keeping, Agricultural and Carpentry items

The winery is open to visitors everyday in summer and we invite you to taste and purchase our wines, enjoy the beautiful setting and learn about winemaking in Ikaria, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the winery and the great view of the Aegean Sea. Wine tastings can be accompanied by Ikarian kathoura (fresh goat cheese) and other special dishes from Ikaria while overlooking the beautiful sunset over the Aegean.

Entrance to the winery is free. There is a small charge for selections of wine tastings. Maria Karoutsou, the wife of owner Niko Afianes, or her son Kostantine, usually conduct the winery tours and the tastings. Of special interest is the "pythostasi" - place of traditional underground wine jar storage and the large stone basin traditional grape press. For more information visit our website, and be sure to check the times and dates of summer performances at our amphitheatre. Tel. (+30 22750) 40008 & 41556

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