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Ikaria is of special interest to nature loving hikers & walkers of all ages and abilities. For thousands of years people have been traversing the myriad mountain paths of Ikaria. In former times these paths or "monopatia", made up a transportation web that connected Ikaria's scattered villages with the people's farming and commercial activities in the mountains and at the sea.

Today, through a combination of continued use and local & international preservation efforts, many paths are still in operation and able to be enjoyed by visiting hikers/walkers. Your stay in Ikaria would be incomplete without making a trip on a "monopati", a worthy holiday experience that connects Ikaria's history, culture and nature. Visitors to Ikaria interested in hiking/walking have many options available to them for discovering Ikaria's "monopatia".

Island Ikaria Outdoor Activities offers guided Hiking/Walking Day Trips on Ikaria for all ages and levels. Trips are offered on a per person or group basis and include a knowledgeable mountain guide, transportation, visits to regional sites of interest and a box/picnik lunch. Depending on your ability, time and wishes we will create a customized Ikarian Hiking/Walking Experience for you. Your guide will tell you stories, descriptions and facts about the local environment and history of the region and trail you are on. We also provide hiking poles when needed and your mountain guide is equipped with a mobile phone and first aid kit.

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