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Majestic island of the Aegean Sea & home of the mythical Ikaros.

Visit Ikaria on your next holiday and discover the "real Greece".

Have fun and relax on our island.

Here you will find pure nature, wild beauty, stunning mountain landscapes, unspoiled beaches & friendly people.

Rare amongst the Greek Islands, Ikaria has remained true to herself and to the ways of her people. Tourism on Ikaria unimposing for all and reflects an "Ikarian Balance" between nature, freedom, time & development.

See why CNN named Ikaria 2 years in a row "The Best Greek Island for Nature Lovers".

Ikaria is also 1 of only 5 worldwide Blue Zones - regions of extraordinary longevity & health.

Our island offers something for everyone: remote & cosmopolitan beaches, choice of accommodations, the famous Ikarian "Panagiria". (celebrations with music, dancing, food & Ikarian wine), archeological & religious sites of interest, wineries, language, art & cooking classes, sailing yacht charter, fun outdoor activities and more...

Looking for a Greek island holiday off the beaten track, with the feel of authentic old world Greece, away from the crowds and surrounded by amazing nature & friendly people who are not just interested in taking your money? - Then Visit Island Ikaria!


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Wake up in another reality

Our stunning landscapes, crystal clear seas and friendly locals are waiting for you.

In Ikaria you make your own time. Leave your watch behind!

Ikaria is located close to many popular Greek Islands, making it an easy to get to & a must see place on your next Greek Island holiday.

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Discover Ikaria

Come to a place where something new awaits you every day.

Experience an authentic Greek Island and a people with a rich history & heritage.

Ikaria is not a "tourist trap" - We don't do tour buses & "package holidays".