Bouldering in Ikaria

Ikaria's stunning granite rock formations, natural beauty and diverse topography have created an ideal setting for the sport of bouldering. Enthusiasts, amateurs and beginners will all find suitable bouldering areas on the island. A recently created club dedicated to promoting bouldering on the island, Bouldering Ikaria, organizes bouldering events, can arrange private guides and lessons and has published Ikaria: a Bouldering Guide to the Island.

Bouldering Ikaria expresses the effort and vision of Evaggelos Kastanias, Antonis Skevofilakas and Donatos Botos, three climbers from Greece, for the creation of a destination that will move people who love nature from all over the world, and especially bouldering climbers. Ikaria, the mountain in the sea, is full of gigantic granite boulders ideally suited for the sport of bouldering and guests can visit the island for during all of the seasons. Climbing areas are located in different regions of the island. Our project is ongoing with new routes continously being discovered and opened. There are currently 300 bouldering routes located at Mavri, Agios Isidoros, Pezi, Mavrianou, Kalamos, Prine, Acrotiri and Magganitis locations. Discover the Bouldering Ikaria experience and have fun!

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