Driving in Ikaria - Maps & Distances

Driving is the main, fastest and best way to get around and explore Ikaria. Compared to most Greek Islands, Ikaria is big and the major towns and places to visit are spread out around the island. Ikaria is also very mountainous and the roads are curvy; so driving on Ikaria requires some extra care and patience. There are also a good number of the interior roads that are still unpaved and pass through pristine nature. If you are planning to explore interior or mountainous areas of the island, make sure you are aware of the type of road you will be driving on, go extra slow around curves and villages and be prepared to stop.

Most of the sea and mountain landscapes you will see from Ikaria's roads are beautiful, wild and breathtaking. Its a worthwhile experience to take a drive along the coast or up into the mountains and hinterland of the island. There is always a surprise to be seen on the way to your destination whether its a herd of goats crossing the road, a wedding party procession in a village or a stream spilling over the road.

Ikaria is divided mainly into the north and south sides and there are two main routes for traveling between the two sides. Some of the well known and popular places on the north side of the island are the port of Evdilos, the summer resort areas of Armenistis, Gialiskari and Nas and the mountain village region of Christos-Raches. On the south side on Ikaria you will find the airport, port and capital city of Agios Kirikos, beach resort area of Faros and the famous beach of Seychelles located near Manganitis village.
Use the interactive maps below to get a feel for the island's layout, points of interest and driving distances and times.

Interactive Driving Distances Map - Drag points A and/or B to view distances/driving times around Ikaria.

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Driving Distances between major towns/villages in Ikaria - Interactive Map

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